the game

How the weekly game works

For this contest, a one-of-a-kind deck of 45 sport cards has been be created, with each card in the deck representing one of the members of Sport NL. Four of these sport decks (distinguished by the colour on the card backs) will be used for the weekly contest (one “home deck” and three “away decks”).

  1. Each week, participants can buy a ticket to join that week’s Sport Chase.
  2. One ticket holder will be randomly selected (each week) to be the “Sport Chaser” for that draw.
  3. The four decks will be shuffled independently, and placed on the playing surface.
  4. The Sport Marshall will then turn up the top card in the “home deck.” The sport revealed becomes the “home sport” for that weeks draw.
  5. The Sport Marshall then turns over the top card in each of the three “away decks.” If one or more of the revealed “away cards” match the “home sport,” a set percentage of that week’s sales is paid to the “Sport Chaser.”

NOTE: For the last 4 weeks of the contest, all remaining cards in each deck will be shown face up to begin each draw, ensuring transparency and accuracy in the matching process. Each card deck will then be shuffled and cut in the normal play process, before the top card in each deck is revealed.

Diminishing the decks

Each week after the draw, the 4 sports that are revealed are removed from all four decks, reducing the deck sizes by 4 cards each week. At the end of the 12th week, there is only one card left in each deck (from the original 45 card deck) for the final week’s draw.

  • In the event that one, two or three of the “away cards” match the home sport, an equivalent number of sports cards will be randomly removed from the home deck after the draw is completed.
  • Those sports cards will then be removed from the three “away decks.”
  • Using this method, the reduction total of 4 sports per week will be consistent throughout the 12 week contest.

Grand Prize draw

At the end of the 12 weeks, the last evening’s weekly draw will also include a final Grand Prize draw.

All tickets sold over the entire 12 weeks’ duration of the contest will be eligible to win the Grand Prize.